Meet Our Staff

Entrust the healthcare needs of your loved ones to our healthcare professionals and ensure a customized care plan will be given to them. The healthcare staff of Terragrade is licensed and is equipped with years of extensive healthcare experience.

Our drivers and response team is always ready to serve you anytime of the day. Their years in the service have made them efficient when it comes to providing different transportation needs. The well-being and the safety of all our passengers are valued by Terragrade, so you are always at peace.

Meet our staff by calling the designated numbers. For your healthcare needs, you can call us at 202-800-8583. If you are interested in our transportation services, you may reach us at 240-667-1215. Let us know how we can help you by leaving a message on our Contact Us form.

Terragrade Healthcare Services & Transportation, Inc. provides our services to all our clients regardless of their color, race, age, sex, religion, culture, tradition, beliefs, gender and physical conditions.